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K.C. Busch

Aug 15, 2017

Meet K.C. Busch: I Like to Think Outside the Box

"Generally, I’m interested in issues and contexts where science and society are in contact. Sometimes that contact is copacetic, and other times it may be that science and society are in tension," says the assistant professor of STEM Education and member of the Leadership in Public Science Interdisciplinary Cluster faculty. "I find the moments of tension to be the most interesting, and that is why I’m drawn to controversial socio-scientific issues in my research (and real life)." 

Jamie Pearson

Aug 15, 2017

Meet Jamie N. Pearson: I Translate Research Into Strategies To Support All Children’s Needs

"African American and Latino children with autism spectrum disorder have faced disparities in diagnoses and equitable access to services," says the assistant professor of special education. "My commitment to equity in special education stems from my passion for helping families address these disparities." 

Rey Garcia

Aug 15, 2017

Meet Rey Garcia: I Look Forward to Helping Next Generation of N.C. Community College Leaders

"After a 20-year career as President and CEO of the Texas Association of Community Colleges I took some time off to consider the next phase of my career," says the professor of practice of community college leadership. "I could not think of a higher calling than developing the next generation of community college leaders." 

Crystal Lee Chen

Aug 15, 2017

Meet Crystal Chen Lee: Critical Care for Self, Community & World is a Foundation for Learning Practices

"I chose the NC State College of Education because I find the collaborative and innovative environment at NC State as one that advances issues of diversity, access and social justice, a stance that I have embraced from a high school English teacher to a doctoral candidate," says the assistant professor of English education. 

Sharon Chung

Aug 15, 2017

Meet Sharon Y. Chung: I Want To Produce High Quality Counselors

" I want to produce high quality school counselors who will apply what I taught them in the field so that future K-5 students can be served," says the teaching assistant professor in school counselor. "I also want to instill and draw out students' already-existing passion for school counseling and future students and help channel their potential to become great school counselors." 

Tamecia Jones

Aug 15, 2017

Meet Tamecia R. Jones: I Have Fun Trying to do Engineering with Kids

"I like the way kids' faces light up when they learn something or figure something out, and I do not like it when kids want to know how to do something but think that they cannot, for whatever reason," says the assistant professor of STEM Education. "I want to research assessment because I want it to be fair and efficient without negatively impacting the student experience." 

NC State Belltower at dusk.

Jul 10, 2017

Penny A. Pasque Joins College as Head of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development

Previously a professor and program area coordinator at the University of Oklahoma, Pasque will provide leadership for the college's nationally-renowned Department of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development. 

Math Class

Jun 29, 2017

Promoting Math Pedagogy

A partnership between the Person County Schools and College of Education, Project C3M equips teachers with innovative mathematics instruction to improve student outcomes and help kindergarten through eighth grade students build a strong mathematical foundation. 

Ellen Vasu

Jun 21, 2017

Ellen Storey Vasu to Retire After 34 Years with College of Education

The associate dean for academic affairs talks with about what she will miss (and won’t miss) about working with the College of Education. 

KC Busch

Jun 7, 2017

Leadership in Public Science: Meet K.C. Busch

Incoming Assistant Professor of Science Education and Leadership in Public Science cluster member K.C. Busch’s work examines how climate change is communicated in educational settings and what motivates young people to take action on this issue.