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Meet New Transformational Scholars Director Trisha Mackey ’18MED: This Program Will Add to Our College’s Efforts to Transform the World Through Education

Trisha Mackey

Trisha Mackey ’18MED joined NC State’s College of Education as the inaugural director of the Transformational Scholarships Program Dec. 1. 

With support from the Anonymous Trust, this program will provide scholarships totaling $40,000 over four years to 100 promising high school students from Eastern North Carolina who plan to return to the region to teach after graduating from the college. 

The program will start with its first cohort of 20 Transformational Scholars in fall 2022 and welcome an additional cohort of 20 students per year in each of the following four years. 

In the following Q&A, Mackey shares why she’s excited about the program, what future Transformational Scholars can expect from her and why she chose education. 

Why I accepted the position: I accepted the position of director for the Transformational Scholarships Program because it directly aligns with my philosophy of education being a vehicle for social change. Providing financial and holistic support to these scholars has the potential to improve not only their lives, but the lives of their families, future students and their communities as a whole. 

Why I chose the College of Education: The College of Education at NC State has a long history of living up to the university’s mission as a land-grant institution by preparing educators to serve the needs of their communities and transform the world through education. The research and scholarly endeavors of the faculty, staff and students are the epitome of “Think and Do.” The Transformational Scholarships Program will add to these efforts. As a graduate of the college, I am honored to contribute.

Why I chose the field of education: I chose to work in the field of education because as a first-generation, low-income, minority student, having access to quality education and faculty and staff who invested in my academic and personal development has transformed my life. I hope to be able to provide that same experience to students from similar backgrounds as myself. 

What my early priorities will be: My priorities as I begin this position will be to establish relationships with education and community leaders in the Eastern North Carolina region. This will be important in not only identifying and selecting scholars for the program, but to ensure that the program is working to meet the needs of the communities in which our scholars will be serving as K-12 teachers. 

What I want future Transformational Scholars to know about me: I want future scholars to know that I will provide them with holistic support to ensure their academic, professional and personal growth. I will challenge them, but will be there to support and advocate for them on their journey. I bring with me several years of experience working with underrepresented middle school, high school and college students. I am looking forward to applying my professional, academic and personal knowledge to this position.