#WhyIChoseEducation: Rosemary Wellons

As part of Celebrating 90 Years of NC State Education, we asked you to share your stories of why you chose education and why you love the NC State College of Education. Below is one of the many stories we received demonstrating how we’re leading the way in education in North Carolina and beyond.

Name: Rosemary Wellons
Graduation Year: 2006
Department/Program: Middle Grades Education, Language Arts and Social Studies
Career Role & Responsibilities: I am currently the preschool director of Bible Church Preschool in Chapel Hill, N.C. I am a supervisor to ten staff members at our Gesell model school.

Why did you enter the field of education?
I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted know that every day I helped to mold and shape my students’ lives in some impactful way. Teachers constantly help to broaden young minds so that they can think and view things in new ways. It’s very rewarding to know that I am helping our future leaders become who they are meant to be.To the outside world teaching seems like such a easy job, and many people believe that’s why folks are major in education. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Educating young minds a weighty responsibility and isn’t to be taken lightly.

Why did you choose to earn your degree from the NC State College of Education?
From the moment I set foot on NC State’s campus, it felt like home and I knew it was the right place for me. I had such a wonderful experience at NC State, and I believe it was enriched by having the privilege to work with some of the finest minds in Middle Grades Education, specifically Drs. Candy Beal and Carol Pope. Additionally, at NC State, I had the opportunity to learn from Pat Dalton who was perhaps the most influential person in my decision to become an educator. I can’t imagine going anywhere else, because I can’t imagine that anywhere else would have provided me with the rich and fulfilling experiences I had at NC State.