Teaching Online

Teaching Online: Helpful Technology Tools

NC State and the College of Education provide different technology tools that can help you teach online. First consider your teaching scenario/needs/pedagogical goals:

* Synchronous Teaching - live lectures, live class discussions, real-time teaching
* Asynchronous Teaching - recorded content, existing video content, questioning via discussion boards, discussions using commenting tools, turning in assignments, feedback via recording or text, etc.

This page includes suggested tools, tips, and resources for synchronous and asynchronous teaching - scroll to find the type of teaching you need to learn more about.

Considerations for Equity

Please remember that in online teaching, particularly synchronous sessions, students may not all have the same access to devices and internet connections. Consider surveying students to find out their technology access – include questions related to broadband/speed of access/connectivity and device types available to them i.e. laptop, tablet, smartphone.

Moodle & Video Capture

The University provides Moodle support and video capture of lessons, instruction, etc. through DELTA. Video capture at the university that can be added to Moodle is recommended through Mediasite or Zoom although there are many other free tools. Here are some specific links for Moodle features/tools that can enhance online teaching and video capture information:


Playposit is a tool that allows you to add interactions to video content (that you’ve recorded or uploaded from a source like YouTube or Vimeo). The interactions include multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, polling, additional content to read, and more. It is a core tool that can be accessed from within Moodle or independently of Moodle.

If you are using Playposit to make a lecture interactive, first record the lecture and then add it to YouTube, Vimeo or Mediasite. NOTE: You can record directly into Mediasite at NC State.

Asynchronous Tools for Discussion/Student voice