Academic Research is a recursive process. For assistance in classes or more information about academic research, check out these resources:

If you need specific research help or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact Kerri Brown Parker or Shaun Bennett. We can also embed modules and resources in online classes for graduate students or undergraduates. Sample Moodle modules/co-teaching – use Anonymous Access:

Copyrights and Citation

Following copyright law and citing sources correctly are tricky in the world of digital publishing and academic research. See how we can help make it easier.

We can also present to classes and/or co-teach with you on digital citizenship, citation management and more.


Equipment can be helpful for research, in particular, METRC carries video cameras (with Bluetooth lapel mics) for recording research and voice recorders. We have some transcription pedals (that require a software download to a personal laptop). These can be useful for pausing and restarting recordings when typing a transcription. More information on available equipment can be found on our Technology Lending collections page.