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Tests & Measurements

The physical test collection must be used in METRC due to test publisher requirements disallowing scanning. Check the homepage for hours.

Links to Online & Free Tests

All patrons using a test from METRC must complete a User Qualification Form. A collection of standardized test materials is available for use by authorized students, staff and faculty.  Tests are copyrighted and are only available as evaluation copies.   Students who need to administer a test that is prohibited by copyright will need to make arrangements to buy copies of the test from the publisher. NOTE: Tests are not permitted to be administered, photocopied, or scanned.

NOTE: Results will say “Test Collection – Restricted Use”

Check out APA PsychTests for more information or to find something not listed in our catalog.

If you want to administer a test (even to yourself), you are required to contact the author or publisher to obtain a copy of the test or instrument or permission to use the test or instrument.

For samples of state testing materials see our K-12 Textbook collection or the NCDPI website