3-D Printing at the College of Education METRC

3-D printing is typically self-service at METRC for College of Education and Psychology students. However, for Fall Semester 2020, printing requests can be made to cedmediacenter@ncsu.edu.

When the makerspace reopens fully, please contact Laura Fogle (lbfogle@ncsu.edu) for a training schedule. You must be trained before you can use the printers.


  • Tinkercad (web-based) — Tinkercad uses geometric solids to
  • OnShape (web-based)
  • 123D apps (computer install for free)
  • Charmr (web-based)
  • Thingiverse Customizer (web-based)
  • Cookie Caster (web-based)
  • Solidworks (on Desktops in Open Lab)
  • Autodesk Inventor (Student 3-year download)
  • Freecad (Open Source Download)
  • Cubeteam


Collaboration/Lesson Ideas: