Student Testimonials

The students who did Student-teaching abroad and are now Graduate from College of education. Let’s see how student teaching in China has impacted their teaching and their lives:

image00Britton Holland (Student-teaching abroad in 2014 Fall)

Since completing my MAT in English as a Second Language at NC State, I’ve begun working as an ESOL Teacher at Hanahan Elementary School in Hanahan, SC. I teach first and second graders whose families have roots in Mexico, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Sudan, China, Vietnam, and several other countries. Student teaching abroad at Beijing Royal School in Beijing, China was one of the highlights of my time at NC State. I believe that my time in China made me into a more culturally sensitive teacher. After spending time in a school abroad, I am much better able to understand just how different my students’ educational experiences can be from those typical in the United States. Student teaching abroad also made me much more capable of thinking on my feet and quickly adjusting instruction to meet the needs of my students. Interacting with other teachers in China helped me develop into a better member of a teaching team. Working alongside Chinese teachers taught me to gracefully and clearly communicate with coworkers even when situations are new and challenging.

image01Ray Schmucker (Student-teaching abroad in 2015 Spring)

“Hey! It’s Ray again 🙂 just an update. Things are going really well! After I graduated from NCSU, I decided to come back to China and got a permanent job in Beijing Royal school now. I’m teaching oral English to grades 7 and 8. I’m Working with Stella and others in the English department. Right now I’m living in the faculty dorms, and probably moving to an apartment in a few months though. My students are all really nice to me. Everyone is so positive that it makes me happy to be around them. I’m trying very hard to learn Chinese still. It is so hard to pronounce the words correctly! But I’ve got to start somewhere, and hopefully my efforts will pay off eventually. I can’t wait to see our NCSU student-teachers , who care going to teach abroad and I’ll send an email every couple of weeks, and I’m trying to take some pictures and videos to show CED students.”