Visiting Faculty

Dr. Rubia Barcelos Amaral graduated in Mathematics at UNESP – São Paulo State University (2000), studied a Master’s Degree and PhD in Mathematics Education also UNESP (2002, 2007).

She is  currently Professor at UNESP, Rio Claro, with the Department of Mathematics Education and the Graduate Program in Mathematics Education, and now she is visiting professor of the Graduate Multiunit Program in Science and Mathematics. Also taught at high schools and Higher Education and has experience in mathematics education, with emphasis on Technology and Distance Education,  on the following topics: Learning of Mathematics, Information Technology and Teacher Education. She has published articles in journals and papers, in conference proceedings in Brazil and abroad. She has chapters in published books and technical productions. Currently she has a project funded by FAPESP writing  Mathematics textbooks and the integration of digital technologies. She will be visiting faculty at NCSU from August to July of 2016.


Dr. Lúcia Helena dos Santos Lobato Graduated in Mathematics from the College of Philosophy, Sciences and Languages of Belo Horizonte (1992), specialized in Mathematics Education also from the College of Philosophy, Sciences and Languages of Belo Horizonte (1993). She has a master’s degree in Production Engineering: Media and Knowledge, from Santa Catarina Federal University (2003). Her PhD in Mathematics Education is in progress at Anhanguera University of São Paulo. She has experience in the area of Mathematics with emphasis on Mathematics Education, on the following topics: Differential and Integral Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Mathematics Practices for Basic Education1. She currently teaches undergraduate courses at the Viçosa Federal University, including Initial Education of Teachers of Mathematics Undergraduate Courses, She is also a High School Mathematics teacher at the CEDAF/UFV’s High School. She has participated in extension, teaching and research activities coordinated by Prof. PhD Paola Sztajn. She will be a visiting scholar from September of 2015 to March of 2016.


image03Tzu-Yuan CHUANG, will join as a visiting scholar  with Dr.Siu-Man Raymond Ting on the Research Topic: Effectiveness of a new career support program,which focuses on development of bicultural and career identity and intercultural communication skills. Over the past 3 decades, American institutions of higher education have experienced notable growth in the number of enrolled international students.

Based on literature review and prior secondary research data, Dr. Chuang has developed a holistic program expected to enhance students’ ability to make informed career decisions and conduct job searches in the U.S. This new program consists of individual career counseling sessions and 20 hour small classes, which aim to address bicultural and career identity development, cultural adjustment, intercultural communication.

She got her College Counseling and Student Development and worked with New Mind Education (affiliate of N.C. State) as a Career Counselor and Program Coordinator. She will be a visiting scholar from January to December of 2016.


Dr. Sun Shunu (Iris Sun). She is an English teacher in Zhejiang International Studies University in China. Under the development of educational internationalization, China Ministry of Education encourages college students and teachers to receive further education abroad. Thus, it is urgent to establish an intercultural adaptation training program for Chinese students and visiting scholars. She is going to use survey, in-depth interviews, and follow-up investigation to work on to establish an intercultural adaptation training program for Chinese students and visiting scholars. She will be with us from  January July 2016.


Veysel Yildiz will join Dr.Deniz Eseryel. Information in process.