Faculty International Collaboration

image04Dr. Ruie Pritchard
Professor, English Education
Director of Graduate Programs

Dr. Pritchard has been nominated, from the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Counselor Education, for the Rigney award for international service. Dr. Pritchard is the Director of Graduate programs in our department and helps the international students get acclimated to NC State. Dr. Pritchard gained funding along with Dr. Kevin Oliver from a private foundation to sponsor North Carolina classroom teachers to participate in a study abroad program called New Literacies: Literal and Virtual Learning Through Cross-Cultural Connections. In summers 2010, 2013, and 2014, this grant paid the expenses for teachers to travel and study for 2 weeks in England. In 2014, she hosted a visiting scholar from Turkey and involved her in educational and social events in the university and community, including the Raleigh Trolley historical tour, a retreat at Atlantic Beach for public school teachers, tours of the International Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro, the NC Symphony, the NC Museum of Art, the Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, the Governor’s Mansion, to name a few of the venues, as well as a stay in her home over the holidays. Dr. Pritchard not only engages in research and teaching with an international focus, but also is personally welcoming to our international visitors.
Dr. Pritchard firmly believes that international experiences are necessary for educators to understand global contexts and to integrate broader perspectives into their lesson plans. With colleagues in her department, Dr. Pritchard initiated a new master’s degree, New Literacies and Global Learning, which combined 5 existing concentration areas. The new degree program directly addresses the importance of developing global perspectives among tomorrow’s teachers and educational leaders.
Here is a video of Dr. Pritchard and Kevin Oliver’s program in the UK:

Dr. Kevin Oliver
Associate Professor
Friday Institute Research Fellow

In the summers of 2011, 2013, and 2014, Drs. Ruie Pritchard and Kevin Oliver co-taught a study abroad professional development course for in-service teachers on the integrated topic of writing, technology, and culture. Teachers met for classes on the NC State campus before traveling to the University of Surrey in Guildford, England, where they spent two weeks on scheduled excursions throughout southern England with further classes that provided opportunities to reflect on culture through writing and technology projects. Drs. Pritchard and Oliver received NC State’s 2015 Gertrude Cox Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Technology for their innovative use of technology to prompt cultural reflecting during study abroad. These faculty are actively planning a future study abroad trip for the summer of 2016, in Finland and Estonia. This work has been made possible through grants from the Triangle Community Foundation’s Borchardt Fund, promoting international exposure for teachers in Wake, Durham, Orange, and Chatham counties.

image05Angela Wiseman
Research between NC State and University of Tampere, Finland:

Dr. Wiseman is collaborating with literacy researchers from the University of Tampere in Tampere, Finland on a research project about mulitliteracies. Multiliteracies research is an emerging topic that is increasingly important to the understanding of literacy research and pedagogy. In the field of literacy education research, the focus on multiliteracies represents the process of interpreting and constructing meanings by using different types of texts associated with digital technologies and multimodal texts (such as video games, visual images, etc.). Incorporating a multiliteracies approach is one way that educators have developed pedagogy that encourages more expansive approaches for learning, thus creating more inclusive classroom contexts.

In the U.S., research on classroom perspectives and curriculum about multiliteracies, technology, and literacy is limited; in Finland it is nonexistent. Our attention to this topic fills an important need. Currently Dr. Wiseman is in the process of reviewing all the research on multiliteracies in elementary classroom contexts. After that literature review is complete, the next steps are to consider international perspectives on teaching and learning, and also to design cross-cultural research studies in both countries. International research that provides a comparative analysis in the U.S. and Finland will provide further understanding on how classrooms can embrace advances in technology to promote expansive and inclusive ways of learning and representing that embrace the diverse perspectives found in our 21st century classrooms.

image08Dr. Micha Jeffries
Dr. Micha Jeffries is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the College of Education. She also serves as the Director of the Master of Arts in Teaching program. She is a social studies educator who teaches courses in social studies methods and diversity education.

Dr. Joanna Greer Koch
Dr. Joanna Greer Koch is Teaching Assistant Professor in Master of Arts in Teaching. she also serves as ESL Coordinator.

image07Dr. Jeffries and Dr. Koch are faculty -leads of CED Mexico: Culture, Language and Service Learning for Educators.This short-term immersion is designed to provide student teachers with first hand experience working with students in a different cultural context, thereby helping them develop valuable skills to prepare them to teach in diverse learning environments.
In 2015 Summer They worked with 7 graduate students in this program. Students participated in Spanish language classes and visited graduate education classes at Universidad Iberoamericana. They made this affording the opportunity for CED students to learn about and exchange views about education with Mexican students. Thanks to them, students who had practiced in this program got the chance to develop their intercultural competence through service learning while volunteering in local schools in Guanajuato, and living with a local family, for a truly immersive experience.

image02Dr. Siu-Man Raymond Ting
Dr. Siu-Man Raymond Ting was born and raised in Hong Kong. He received his B.S.Sc. from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, his M.A. from Biola University (USA), and his Ph. D. from the University of Iowa (USA). He is Professor of Counseling, Director of Graduate Program, and Coordinator of the College Counseling and Student Development Program. Also, he is Director of Graduate Certificate Program in Counselor Education (Online) at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, and Counselor Education, North Carolina State University in U.S.A.

He is the faculty lead of China: Teaching, Learning, Counseling and Student Services program.He and Dr. Ivonne Chirino-Klevans worked with 10 CED students to prepare them be as multi-culturally competent educators, counselors, administrators, and leaders. Based in Beijing, China, students explored the educational system and practiced through an independent research project.

Students engaged with students from Beijing Normal University in China to collaborate on projects, and visited different local schools and counseling centers identifying culturally relevant approaches to student counseling. Students also participated in assessment, evaluation, intervention and research activities as a part of this program.

Dr. Mary Ann Danowitz
International Collaboration with Finland

image06Dr. John Nietfeld
Beginning in 2007 Dr. John Nietfeld (Educational Psychology) has delivered invited lectures as part of the Contemporary Issues in Psychology program at the University of Jyvaskyla (JYU), Finland. Participants are a mix of Finnish students, Erasmus students from across Europe, and also international students from other continents. This opportunity has led to the opportunity to exchange ideas related to educational psychology and international educational processes with students from across the world and has even led to the recruitment of one doctoral student at NC State. Dr. Nietfeld also collaborates with JYU faculty member Dr. Montse Ruiz in her work with students in the Sport and Exercise Psychology Master’s programme. JYU is a leading institution in Finland with regard to sports research and their international programme has courses in English with an emphasis on culminating thesis research.

CHINA.Oct.2015.002Dr. Hiller Spires
Dr. Hiller Spires’ Partnerships in China

1. Partnership and MOU with Beijing Royal School

In 2010, Dr. Spires initiated the partnership with Beijing Royal School (BRS) by leading a delegation to conduct the New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute with teachers at BRS. The ongoing partnership with BRS includes a variety of activities including: BRS teachers attending NC State to receive their M.Ed. in the New Literacies & Global Learning program, BRS teachers attending New Literacies Teacher Leader Institutes at the Friday Institute, and BRS students and teachers participating in Project-Based Inquiry (PBI) Global. For her work with BRS, Dr. Spires received NCSU’s Jackson Rigney International Service Award in 2011.

2. Partnership and MOU with Suzhou North America High School

Dr. Spires received a $1.5M grant (2014 – 2016) to help create a state-of-the-art high school in Suzhou, China.

The new school is scheduled to open in May 2016. The goals of the project are:

  1. Provide leadership for the development of a teaching, learning, and technology plan for the school.
  2. Provide consultation on the physical and technological design of the new facility to ensure that it supports contemporary teaching and learning systems.
  3. Provide ongoing training for educational staff in pedagogical approaches that support inquiry learning.
  4. Create student and faculty academic exchanges between NC State University and SNA to expand the range and depth of global research and competence in both organizations.

SNA is collaborating with the Wake STEM Early College High School on Project-Based Inquiry Global.

New Literacies Collaborative