College of Education students have studied abroad in Australia, Czech Republic, China, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy and Spain to name a few.

Becca Churchill

I’ve learned that family is very important, naps are always needed, and that I like more foods than I originally thought. I have also learned better ways to conserve energy and water...

Kimberly Johnson

It was hard stepping into a store or restaurant not being able to read a menu or know what I was buying because everything was in Czech, a language I could not understand.

Ashley Kreider

Going into the program I was most nervous about fitting in with the group that I was traveling with, as well as being accepted by my host family.

Macayla Tyndall

The experience pushed me outside my comfort zone, educated me on a culture other than my own, and gave me memories I will cherish forever.

Caitlin Burke

Italy challenged me in a way that no class could have. I now have a growing sense of self-confidence...

Hali Reese

I’m a leader and someone has to be, so why not me? Take chances, meet the locals, don’t stress. I was surprised how different our cultures were...

Chantal Warfield

I chose to study abroad because I didn’t want to regret not going when I had the chance to. I know many people who regretted not going when they were in college.

Mathew Woolly

I learned that I really could live alone. At NC State, I can still live under the umbrella of my parents or of friends, but in England there was no two hour drive home.

Meet our Graduate Students

Thomas Carrington

I learned how to adapt to new surroundings, become independent, work in teams with people you just met and be resilient, understanding and respectful of local customs and culture...

Jasmine Wilson

This experience allowed me to reflect on myself as a future educator to support students in my classrooms that may be from another country or just don’t speak English.

Brianna Barrett

I chose to study abroad because I was elated to know that I could travel while pursuing a graduate degree. I had never been outside of the country and I figured, why not now!

Claudia Rodriguez

I believe that there’s a lot to learn from other countries and their education systems and bring that back to improve what we are doing in the United States.

Nada Wafa

Embrace all the opportunities and experiences! Take the time to learn about the country and people. Build connections and get to know the locals!

Nina Schoonover

I chose to study abroad to connect with researchers conducting work in my field of study around the world. As well, travel brings into perspective our own lives...