Department Chairs Institute

The Department Chairs Institute (DCI) represents a partnership between the Leadership, Policy and Adult and Higher Education Department (LPAHE) at North Carolina State University (NCSU) and the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS). Designed to build the skills of front-line academic administrators in the 58 community colleges, this program is focused upon individuals who have recently entered administrative supervisory ranks. These individuals are typically selected from the faculty ranks and have little experience and training for their responsibilities. The program is one of several outreach efforts in the Department, which places special emphasis on serving the state's community colleges.

Registration for the Spring 2019 Department Chairs Institute (DCI) is now open.

The DCI curriculum is based on the work of a select committee of deans from around the state who determined the competency areas required for this administrative level, as well as aligned with the American Association of Community College competencies for community college leadership. Seminar sessions cover the history and mission of the NCCCS, how the System budget moves through the legislature each year, academic leadership with student learning in mind, communication skills, conflict resolution, nurturing faculty and staff, personal survival skills, and managing change. Participants also assess their own leadership skills and prepare a professional development plan.

DCI Faculty are drawn from the NCCCS Office in Raleigh, various community colleges and the LPAHE Department at NCSU. Case studies and small group work are used extensively, and chairs are encouraged to share concerns, challenges, and successes with their colleagues. Participants also receive a guidebook on academic leadership and a binder with a handouts of the sessions, profiles of the presenters, contact information of the participations, and wealth of additional resources related to their jobs.

In its first 10 years, DCI has trained over 500 department chairs, program directors, deans and instructors from all curriculum areas and from 53 community colleges across the state.

For further information, contact:

Dr. Susan J. Barcinas
DCI Program Director
Department of Leadership, Policy and Adult and Higher Education
North Carolina State University
Phone: 919-515-6298
Fax: 919-515-6305

DCI Program Coordinator