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MOOCs for Educators-Phase II

Project Team: PI-Glenn Kleiman  Co-PI-Hollylynne Lee  Alex Dreier  Mark Samberg  Blythe Tyrone  Tran Chau  Karen Hollebrands  Theresa Gibson  Lauren Acree  Lisa Hervey  Sherry Booth  Shaun Kellogg 

Sponsor: William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

Project Total: $500,000


This project addresses the critical need to prepare the nation’s educators for the changes in what, where, when and how students will learn as K-12 education transitions to a digital-age system. To do so, the team is developing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) based upon research-based principles of effective professional development for educators. They are also conducting research on the potential for these courses to provide cost-effective and flexible professional learning opportunities for large numbers of educators.  This work is part of a larger Friday Institute MOOC-Ed initiative which began in 2012.