Our History

NC State College of Education: A Timeline of Our History

  • 1927 School of Education established and T.E. Browne named founding dean.
  • 1931 School of Education becomes Department of Education after N.C. General Assembly consolidates three institutions of higher education
  • 1939 Department of Education becomes Division of Teacher Training
  • 1948 School of Education re-established and J. Bryant Kirkland appointed dean to lead 11 faculty and five departments
  • 1952 Established Department of Guidance and Personnel Services and Department of Mathematics and Science Education
  • 1960 Established Curriculum Materials Center, now METRC
  • 1963 Established secondary licensure programs in social studies, English, French, Spanish, and speech communications
  • Mid 1960s Established Department of Adult and Community College Education
  • 1969 Carl J. Dolce named dean
  • 1970 Moved from Tompkins Hall to Clarence Poe Hall
  • 1971 Poe Hall officially dedicated
  • Mid 1970s Graphic Communications moved to School of Education and emphasis added in middle grades education
  • 1980s Established an electronics and digital infrastructure, becoming a campus leader in the acquisition and use of computers
  • 1986-87 Welcomed first cohort of N.C. Teaching Fellows
  • 1987 Name changed to College of Education and Psychology
  • 1989 Joan Michael named dean
  • 1990s Agricultural Education moved to College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • 2000 Kay Moore named dean and helped develop Centennial Campus Middle School with Wake County Public School System
  • 2001 Department of Psychology moved to College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • 2005 Established Friday Institute for Educational Innovation on Centennial Campus
  • 2010 Jayne Fleener named dean
  • 2015-16 Reorganized into 3 departments: Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development; STEM Education; and Teacher Education and Learning Sciences
  • 2016 Mary Ann Danowitz named dean
  • 2017 Established The Innovation Project (TIP) Teaching Scholars Program to create a pipeline of teachers for rural and semi-rural areas in North Carolina
    Selected to host re-established N.C. Teaching Fellows Program

Adapted from “TIMELINE: Change, Continuity, and Challenges in the College of Education” prepared by Barbara M. Parramore, professor emerita