SAY Village

The College of Education and University Housing have partnered to provide a residential "living and learning" community housed on two floors of Syme Residence Hall. You may aspire to be a lawyer, teacher, doctor, psychologist, engineer or entrepreneur - it doesn’t matter. SAY stands for "Students Advocating for Youth" and is a GREAT place for you to live with other students who share a common interest.

Advocating for youth spans many fields of study. We are looking for students - both in the College of Education and from other colleges and schools at NCSU - who have an interest in contributing to the community, the university, and the lives of youth. SAY Village is committed to providing future advocates and educators with the resources, skills, and support to become successful youth adSAY Village Logovocates and critical thinkers. 1st-year students will benefit from faculty advisors, resident peer mentors, field trips and interaction with underrepresented students both in and out of educational settings. In addition, being a member of SAY will give you a chance to be a part of fun, enagaging, and innovative programs within Syme Hall that personalize your transition into college.

What is Youth Advocacy? Youth Advocacy involves educating advocates about the educational, social, political, multi-cultural, and technological aspects that impact the lives of children both locally and globally. Advocates make improvements in these areas with deep concern for social justice.

Why Become an Advocate? Our children’s health, safety, education, and security are deteriorating at an alarming rate. Youth advocates take an informed stand as activists by not only caring about problems but also addressing them with energy and intelligence.

Unique Community Features in Syme Hall

  • Participation in field experiences, cultural trips, education conferences, and community service opportunities
  • Fun social events organized by SAY staff
  • Interaction with faculty outside the classroom
  • SAY Computer Lab
  • Professional Development opportunities in education and advocacy
  • Official Peer Mentors who live on the hall and assist with your college experience
  • Early Check-in into Residence Hall
  • Early Course Registration

For more information please contact:
Robin McWilliams, SAY Village Director, at 919-513-0795
email: robin_mcwilliams@ncsu.edu


Melissa Cream, SAY Village Program Assistant, at 919-513-2717
email: say_village@ncsu.edu

If you are interested in applying to be admitted to SAY for the 2012-13 academic year, please visit the following link:

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