Adult, Workforce, & Continuing Professional Education

Fostering Leaders – College Presidents, Adult Educators, Advocates

The Adult and Community College Education program blends expertise in design, implementation, and evaluation of informal and formal education initiatives. Students develop skills in the teaching and learning process, leadership, and policy—preparing them to serve in a broad range of educational settings and occupations. Our graduates include 18 of North Carolina’s community college presidents, as well as administrators, researchers, and advocates who are creating and leading the future of adult education.

Scholars, Leaders, Visionary Decision-Makers

Students considering our program must share our commitment to objective, ethical, and sensitive study of the important issues facing adult educators and community colleges. By balancing rigorous technological mastery with personal vision and caring, we help our students develop the knowledge and skills to

  • Meet the educational needs of adult and distance learners from diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • Understand the diverse ways and settings in which adults learn
  • Conduct research and serve as leaders across various educational and administrative settings.

Enhance Your Practice, Advance Your Career

The MEd and MS degrees in Adult and Community College Education prepare practitioners for leadership and teaching positions in a variety of adult learning environments. We focus on the study and practice of teaching, learning techniques and theories, leadership strategies, and education planning for individuals, groups, and society. The master’s program provides opportunities to specialize in one of three areas:

  • Adult and Continuing Professional Education
  • Health Professions Education
  • Community College Teaching.

Future Leaders, Lifelong Scholars

The specialization in Adult and Community College Education for doctoral candidates in Educational Research and Policy Analysis is designed for current or aspiring community college leaders, faculty, researchers, and clinical educators. Our graduates develop the skills to conduct high-quality investigations of field-relevant questions in an objective, ethical, and sensitive manner. This Raleigh-based program brings practitioners and scholars together to address 21st century adult education challenges.

Executive Distance Education – Flexible Options for Working Professionals

Based in Charlotte, NC, our EdD program in Adult and Community College Education focuses on leadership and innovation in adult learning and education. The program links theory and research to practice, confronting real-world challenges of knowledge economies with innovative solutions. Practitioners and educators prepare for leadership and teaching positions through a supportive and innovative executive cohort learning model. Our graduates are among the top professionals in adult, community college, higher education, and human resource education.

Scholars, Practitioners, Leaders – Committed to Lifelong Learning and Adult Learners

Our graduates apply their specialized knowledge and skills to scholarship and practice in universities, community colleges, health care facilities, and nonprofit organizations. Working as educators, researchers, institutional leaders, and administrators, our alumni are dedicated lifelong learners committed to promoting access and equity for adult learners in diverse settings throughout the United States and around the world. See profiles of our alumni >


ACCE alumna leads the charge for educational access and workforce training in rural North Carolina.

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