Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework for Developing Professional Educators who



Elements focus on the four forms of knowledge: general pedagogy, content-specific pedagogical strategies, content or discipline knowledge, and knowledge of the context of education, including foundations, historical perspectives and school settings. The conceptual framework for our programs for professional educators is the touchstone to assure that all who complete the programs:


Learn general pedagogy:

A candidate acquires general pedagogical knowledge and skills appropriate to his or her professional educator role.


Educate with content-specific strategies:

A candidate acquires and uses the unique pedagogy or content-specific strategies including appropriate technology related to a particular professional role.


Apply discipline knowledge:

Discipline or content-area knowledge is the subject matter of a professional field and is an important component of programs from teacher to counselor to special service personnel.


Demonstrate understanding of the education context:

Necessary to effective practice is an understanding of the culture of the school, the larger educational environment and the society in which the educational institution exists.



Elements show the range of skills and dispositions being developed in candidates. All who complete our programs serve the profession by being:



Those who complete the programs rely on a solid knowledge base to guide their development and to make informed decisions in their various roles as educators.



Those who complete the programs are ethical in their dispositions and behaviors toward all students, colleagues and parents. Ethical behavior encompasses respect, integrity and personal responsibility.



Those who complete the programs are reflective and self-evaluative in their thinking in order to improve themselves as professionals and meet the challenges of a changing world.


Valuers of diversity:

Those who complete the programs understand the needs and conditions of all learners and school personnel including being sensitive to cultural, economic, developmental, ethnic, racial, gender, religious, and sexual orientation differences.


Experienced in practical applications of knowledge:

Those who complete the programs are prepared for autonomous roles in the profession as a result of strong mentored field experiences and internships. They are knowledgeable in both the cognitive and affective domains.

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