International + Distance Education Alliance (I+DEA)

The I+DEA office coordinates distance education and the internationalization initiative in the College of Education. All international programs are safe, affordable, accessible and have a strong impact on our students. We develop strategic partnerships all over the world to provide pre-service teachers the opportunity to complete a portion of their student-teaching semester abroad. For more information and application, please, visit Student Teaching Abroad page.

Acting on the basis of the Longview Foundation Grant for over a year now, NCSU College of Education in collaboration with the UNC System colleges of education, strives to increase internationalization opportunities for students in teacher preparation programs throughout the state, affect policies that support internationalization of teacher education, and better understand the impact of international experiences on beginning teacher effectiveness. Follow the link to find out more. 

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Funding Opportunities

For both faculty and students who are interested in expanding their world knowledge and engage in learning in other countries and cultures we found this great source with numerous grant and funding opportunities that you can apply for. This is a good place to start building your global research.


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