Reading Clinic

Reading assistance is available for school-age children through the graduate program in New Literacies and Global Learning, K-12 Reading, in the College of Education. Assistance is provided by graduate students in our reading program.


Children considered for participation in the program must be:

• In first through twelfth grade. 
• Experiencing significant difficulty with reading or learning to read.
• Able to commit to punctual, weekly attendance for 13 consecutive weeks.
• Able to participate in an hour-long instructional session with appropriate behavior.

Children with references to the clinic by teachers, counselors, psychologists, or educational clinics are given preference. 

When and Where Assistance Is Provided

The reading clinic is a 13-week program spanning from late January through April. In the first three sessions, components of your child's reading and writing will be assessed.  For the next ten sessions, your child will meet one-on-one with a tutor, receiving specific instruction targeting your child's needs. After participation, you will receive a report that summarizes the assessment results, describes the clinic instruction and your child's response to the instruction, and that provides instructional recommendations.
Currently, reading clinic sessions are held at Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School on Tuesdays from 4:30pm-5:30pm.


• A non-refundable fee of $250 is charged for the 13-week program.  A discounted rate of $100 is charged if you and your child consent to participation in clinic research. (Data collected would be blinded and used to advance our understanding of effective instruction with struggling readers. See more information about the research project here.)
• The fee must be paid the first day of service in January for the spring semester. Address checks to NC State University and write your child's name and "clinic" in the memo line.

Assessment and Instruction

• The reading strengths and areas of need of each child are assessed prior to designing and implementing instruction.
• An instructional plan is developed. The plan is based on assessment data and tailored to the individual needs of the child.
• Instruction is typically one-to-one.
• Instruction is provided by graduate students pursuing advanced licensure in literacy.
• Instruction is supervised by faculty.

We provide reading instruction. No assistance with homework, mathematics, or other subjects is offered through this program.

Responsibilities of Parents/Caregivers

Parents/caregivers are responsible for:

• Providing transportation to and from the Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School campus on the appropriate days and at the appropriate times.
• Ensuring that your child attends all lessons and arrives on time.
• Notifying the tutor in the event of an unavoidable absence or delay.
• Communicating with the tutor and participating in background interviews and follow-up interviews.
• Following through with recommendations made by the tutor for supporting literacy at home.
• Sharing information with the tutor that might affect your child’s receptivity to learning.

If you are interested in participating, please download, complete, and return Clinic_ParentInterestLetter.pdf



Faculty Associated with the Reading Clinic

Kristin Conradi

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