Future Professor Researches How Diverse Campus Interactions Impact Success

Tara Hudson helps student register for classes

When preparing the individual for success for the future, the Leadership, Policy and Adult and Higher Education Department develops professional educators committed to life-long learning through theory, research and reflective practice. One educational research and policy analysis doctoral student, Tara Hudson, is a current member of North Carolina State University’s Preparing the Professoriate program and is conducting doctoral research on college student friendships across racial and ethnic boundaries.

“There is a lot of research showing that students who engage with diverse others while they are in college have better outcomes across the board in critical thinking, grade point average, and personal goals. If we understand how those friendships form organically among students, it can help universities identify some ways to provide more effective diversity programming, “ said Hudson.

Her research aligns well with her current position as an undergraduate academic advisor in the College of Education. As an advisor to education general studies and education undeclared students, Hudson works in the Student Success and Advising Center to help students succeed in the classroom, become involved on campus and, overall, have a quality college experience.

When it comes to advising students, Hudson works to provide an easy transition to college life. She uses a series of worksheets to get to know them, help them plan and also provide an opportunity to learn a little about themselves as well. 

“It is something you do not really think about until someone asks you. So getting students to think about their lives and reflect upon what they are learning is important. By the time fall registration comes, I can start to talk to the students about goals,” said Hudson.

And Hudson’s academic goals are just as important to her. As part of the Preparing for the Professoriate program Hudson works one on one in a mentor-mentee relationship with a faculty member. The program gives students the opportunity to develop their sense of education through teaching courses.

“I really enjoy getting to teach, and over the last couple of years the amount of teaching I do has increased. Mostly, I enjoy being in the classroom and continuing my own learning,” said Hudson, who is being mentored by Dr. Audrey Jaeger, associate professor of  higher education.

Hudson continues to teach, research, and counsel students and, in her regular advising sessions, she helps them decide what the future holds.

For more information on Tara Hudson and details on her advising strategies, presentations and worksheets, visit: http://ced.ncsu.edu/advising-resources/hudson

For information on the Preparing the Professoriate Program, visit: http://www.ncsu.edu/grad/preparing-future-leaders/teaching-programs/ptp/index.php



Written by Jane Cozens, sophomore, communications 

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