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The Media, Education and Technology Resource Center (METRC) in the College of Education is a curriculum materials hub offering a diverse database of journals, reserves, kits and technology to students, faculty and staff. The newest feature added to the system is the digital program, OverDrive.

OverDrive offers a new way to view and check out materials from METRC’s resources. A ‘virtual’ branch of the College of Education center it accesses the collection ranging from juvenile literature to practice study guides. OverDrive’s flexibility extends to electronic formats and is available through tablet, computer and, soon, mobile devices.

“OverDrive allows the building of a community environment among students,” said Nathan Stevens, assistant director of METRC. “We are able to serve, not only our on-campus constituents, but an off-campus group that the center could not reach before.”

One of the current goals for the new program is to add a new feature where students can rate books and offer their input on them. This aspect will let part-time and distance students participate with peers who are on campus.
“I like the program because I can check out books for my iPod and Kindle,” says Anna Neumann, junior in Elementary Education. “I would recommend it to someone else because it is very convenient.”
The OverDrive program can be currently accessed from the College of Education METRC webpage. It is available to all students, faculty and staff in the College of Education. Books, including ebooks, can be checked out two weeks at a time.

Click here for more information on OverDrive.
Written by Jane Cozens, sophomore, communications
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