A Celebration in Publication

Celebrating a successful year on the publishing front, the Leadership, Policy and Adult and Higher Education department hosted a book launch. Recognizing four faculty members who had books published in 2012, the department held a reception that featured a short book talk from each editor.

“The books are wonderful examples of how our faculty are producing new and useful knowledge to improve our schools, higher education, and public and private organizations,” said, Dr. Mary Ann Danowitz, chair of the Leadership, Policy, Adult and Higher Education department. 

Technology in Schools, the tenth volume in the point/counterpoint Debating Issues in American Education reference series is edited by Dr. Kevin Brady, assistant professor in the educational leadership and policy studies. Chapters explore issues as the digital divide, electronic textbooks, impacts on curricula, privacy on school computers and web censorship. Each chapter opens with an introductory essay by Brady, followed by point/counterpoint articles written and signed by invited experts, and concludes with further readings and resources. This provides readers with views on multiple sides of technology issues within America's schools and identifies more in-depth resources for further exploration. 

Finding work-life balance is extremely challenging for professors as outlined in Juggling Flaming Chain Saws: Academics in Educational Leadership Try to Balance Work and Family co-edited by Dr. Bonnie Fusarelli, associate professor in educational leadership and policy studies. The book introduces the work-life issues faced by scholars in educational leadership. A career in higher education is challenging, however the book outlines how educational leadership is unique because of its emphasis on preparing people for varied leadership roles within higher education and for preK-12 schools. Juggling Flaming Chain Saws includes chapters by the College of Education's higher education faculty, Drs. Audrey Jaeger, Matt Militello, Lisa Bass and Susan Faircloth.

Spirituality in College Students’ Lives co-edited by Dr. Alyssa Bryant Rockenbach, associate professor in higher education administration, reflects data from a national survey examining the spiritual development of undergraduates and how colleges and universities can be more effective in facilitating students’ spiritual growth. In this book, contributors from the fields of education, psychology, sociology, social work and religion present studies that explore the importance of students’ spirituality and the impact of the college experience on their spiritual development. 

Diversity in Organizations: Concepts and Practices is co-edited by Dr. Mary Ann Danowitz, This is a core text for models in diversity management that examine practices, from Europe and internationally, to provide approaches to diversity and inclusivity. Specifically, the book highlights practices that recognize the importance of the differences in historical, political, social and cultural context, both individually and organizationally. Leading scholars from eight countries draw upon theories, research and best practices to prepare managers for the implementation and improvement of diversity management so that diversity can serve to increase organizational performance. 

L to R: Drs. Mary Ann Danowitz, Alyssa Bryant Rockenbach, Kevin Brady and Bonnie Fusarelli

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